Bed bug detector dogs

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Bed bug detector dogs are the ideal solution for eliminating Cimex Lectularius.


We select dogs to work as bed bug detectors from amongst those at the facilities of K9 Profactory considered ideal for detection work. These dogs have already completed an initial training stage, consisting of socialisation, handling and obedience training. They have also been examined by our vets, undergone different tests including blood tests and hip and elbow X-rays to rule out any pathologies that may affect their future work.



Bed bugs were a frequent problem in homes in the past, especially in the countryside, although they have now reappeared as a serious problem. Warmer temperatures have favoured the reproductive cycles of these insects, together with an increased number of travellers between different countries and regions.

Bed bugs or Cimex Lectularius breed rapidly, with each female laying 5 eggs every day, resulting in homes becoming quickly infested.

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These insects are mainly nocturnal and fast moving, travelling along pipes and conduits, which makes it very difficult to detect them using traditional means. This means it is virtually impossible to eliminate them using insecticides, as there are always areas that cannot be reached completely.


In addition, Cimex Lectularius have developed a resistance to the majority of insecticides used in homes.


Faced with these problems of identifying and eliminating bed bugs, detector dogs are the only solution for finding the points where these insects hide, making it possible to eliminate them completely.

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When a pest control company carries out a traditional inspection of an average sized room, this may take between one or two hours, with the corresponding price per hour.

Bed bug detector dogs can perform this task much more effectively, and in only 5 minutes.


Problems caused by bed bug infestations do not only occur in homes, but are increasingly present in hotels and other types of accommodation such as rural hotels, leading bed bugs to infect new locations by travelling in the clothing and luggage of travellers who have stayed in hotels with infestations.

Bed bug detector dogs are the ideal control solution for identifying small groups of bed bugs, before they extend.


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