Accelerant detection dogs, will become increasingly important for both police investigation, and for property insurance companies.

Utility detection dogs fire accelerants.

Function accelerant detection dogs, is to inspect the area marked by the dog handler for traces of fire accelerants. This work has many complications for the dog, by the state of the ground to check for high temperatures on some occasions that the surfaces to be inspected may not be secure as a result of the fire, the type of terrain to beat that can absorb or mask odors etc.

perros detectores de acelerantes


The chosen to become sniffing dogs fire accelerants are selected from those K9 Profactory has in its facilities as suitable for detection tasks. These dogs already have completed the first phase of training, consisting of socialization, handling and obedience. They have also been examined by our veterinarians, conducting various tests such as blood tests and X hips and elbows, to rule out conditions that may interfere with their future work Rays.

In the K9 Profactory, we are sniffing dogs accelerants from zero to customer demand, but also also correct and improve the work of dogs in service, since in many cases the guide detects conflicts or behaviors that interfere with work and accurately correct.

In training detection dogs accelerants fire, we use the most common compounds used in arson (about 15), but we can add on request, those they deem as important, if not on our list of accelerants .

perros detectores de acelerantes


During the job training, dogs future detectors accelerants, pass different stages that will enable them to work in any environment, can here make a special reinforcement or focus exclusively on certain types of terrain (such as forests or natural environment) .

In training these dogs, they were accustomed to working with and without protective boots to the pads of your fingers, since in their inspection work while in service, will have to do both.

Accelerant detection dogs

If the client requires us, you can also work acclimation to rise and fall on the back of the guide or by rappelling.

A variety of breeds can adapt to these scan jobs, so attend to the demands of each customer and will recommend the races that best suit their working environments.

If you need accelerant detection dogs already working or  have one but want to recycle or work errors.

Contact without commitment, we have customers all over the world.