Money detector dogs for different uses.

Money detector dogs, are relatively well known for their presence in the news with some regularity. Quite often they are seen in inspections in homes of traffickers by the police, looking for hidden large sums of money.

For the money detector dogs, we use dogs selected by our team when starting money detection training.

Dogs used for detecting currency may be selected for passive or active marking, although we will always adapt to the client’s needs.

We select dogs to work as money detectors from amongst those at the facilities of K9 Profactory considered ideal for detection work. These dogs have already completed an initial training stage, consisting of socialisation, handling and obedience training. They have also been examined by our vets, undergone different tests including blood tests and hip and elbow X-rays to rule out any pathologies that may affect their future work.

The work of money detector dogs, is very important for the police, since it allows them to inspect stays in a very short time, saving manpower and time as a traditional registry, can take hours.
Money detector dogs


In K9 Profactory, we teach money sniffing dogs to customer demand and recycle the already formed, helping their guides to improve operational dog in inspections or to correct details during work.

The use of this type of dogs, is spreading for different reasons, as demand for some private security companies, which can be outsourced at airports for example, where it is to prevent capital flight or the entry of black money.

Another latest application is of companies that offer money sniffing dogs for private applications such as inheritances collection cases, where one can suspect that the deceased cash kept at home, for example.

When training money detection dogs, they are taught to detect certain amount of cash, so that not alerted by the presence of a single ticket, which would make the tedious inspections.

Money detector dogs


As most detection dogs we train, they are used to often and in various means of transport to travel, for transfers, they do not believe them discomfort and impair its operational capacity.

In Profactory K9 we have the best money detector dogs, able to work in urban environments, industrial, rural, plus on vessels, vehicles of all kinds etc. Our dogs are able to find from small to large sums of money.

We can train dogs according to the needs of detection, so that may be able to detect a type of paper currency (Euro for example) or more (Euro, Dollar, Pound …).

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