K9 Profactory is the result of 10 years’ exclusive dedication to the world of service dogs. We supply the finest police dogs and detector dogs to clients in all 5 continents.

Our main activities are the training and sale of K9 dogs, military, police and detector dogs, as well as the leasing of detector dogs and police dogs.


We also provide an excellent training service for guide dogs, K9 police dogs and detector dogs for clients all over the world. Find out more about our exclusive training programme.

We offer recycling programmes for guide dogs and service dogs, together with working plans to solve problems and difficulties with working dogs during their missions.


K9 Profactory has installations for more than 200 dogs, dog instructors, covered and open-air training areas, a veterinary service and X-Ray diagnosis service.


We support innovation and on-going training at our company, and the members of our team train and update their knowledge constantly with leading international professionals.


Every year we develop new training exercises and programmes, with the aim of producing the very finest service dogs.


K9 police dogs for police units, military organisations and security companies all over the world.


We provide detector dogs for


Drugs                    Explosives                          Accelerants                       Gases

Cash                      Bed bugs                            Short circuits                     Bio-detectors

Cadavers             Mould                                  Poisons                                               Electronic devices

Chemicals           CDs                                       Blood


A worldwide first: Anti-terrorist detector dogs

We provide the finest detector dogs for police, military or business applications.

K9 Profactory  is located in the Spanish province of Burgos.

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